Meetings in the 4 corners of the world
Helsinki, Miami, Gothenburg, Italy, ...


Hold on to your hats! At the beginning of this year 2023, TEMO has taken to the sea and made stopovers all over the world! 
Between Helsinki, Goteborg, Miami, the commercial tour in Italy and the reseller days in France, the meetings have been many and ... friendly.  


TEMO·450 has conquered Scandinavian waters! The Göteborg and Helsinki boat shows attracted boaters from the Nordic countries. 
The attendance at these shows was moderate, but the interest and enthusiasm for our electric motor is still high! 
Thanks to MarineKauppa and VK Marincenter, ours resellers on the spot! 
Stay tuned! The development of the Nordic countries continues thanks to Valentin, our VIE based in Stockholm..  


The sun was out in Miami, but unfortunately, the boaters there were more interested in large engines than in light boating, our niche!
We remain convinced that the transition to a "greener" boating is inevitable. There is still a long way to go, but we are proud to actively participate in this evolution by proposing an innovative solution. 
We had the opportunity to test TEMO in a giant pool! This was enough to arouse the curiosity of the few visitors.
Thanks to our local partners: Nautical Ventures and Highfield Boat.

Italian Tour 

Andiamo ! TEMO traveled the length and breadth of Italy on a sales tour! From Milan to Venice via Genoa, La Spezia, Ravenna and Padua, Laetitia and our loyal distributor Ezio (F&B Yachting) had the opportunity to meet more than 20 Italian resellers already active or not yet ... ;-)
This commercial tour allowed us to strengthen our collaboration and to enlarge our presence on the Italian market with the arrival of 3 new resellers! Benvenuti !
Find all our resellers on our map !

Reseller Days 

Like every year, Uship, Accastillage Diffusion and Accastilleurs du Golfe organize meeting days between suppliers and stores of the network. And this year, TEMO was part of it!
These days were full of demonstrations on the water, as we were able to (re)test our TEMO·450 and train the teams present!
What a great way to win the hearts of our dealers! 

We would like to travel the world to let you test TEMO·450 and help you choose it, ... or not according to your use and your needs.

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TEMO brings his electric-powered outboard motor to the US market
Nantes, 14 September 2022. The French-based company TEMO, manufacturer of the first portable, electric-powered outboard motor TEMO.450 is entering the US market.